Angry quotes for him

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Angry quotes for him

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Don’t be over trust with people. They have a tendency to stab you in the back. Only be nice to those who ask nothing of you.

Alone, I am someone, with others, I am also someone, just not who they want me to be, rather who I want to be. I mold myself. I exist because I say I do.

Sometimes the couples just need a break from each other, and if they get back together, they get back together. Then they know that their love was real.

We may have to trash what we want but we will definitely end up with what we need.

Even the little things you never believe me, do you know this hurt me?

You should show hate, admire, love, jealousy and anger with me right to my face, only then it will make a difference in our relationship.

Some people wake up and dream about a better life and others wake up and do the things that will give them a better life.

Don’t exert too much effort to someone who never appreciates your real importance.

Don’t waste time trying to convince yourself that something is different when you know nothing has changed. The key to moving forward is accepting the reality of what is!

I can’t save us from drowning this relationship because I just realize I can’t swim.

You must change your present state to receive my love. Your mind, heart, and soul should b equal & balance.

The ability to trust others for matters that concern you is only as good as the person you trust. Be just as careful choosing who you trust as you would choosing a life partner. Words mean nothing without the support of actions.

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