Best cool,funny,love, whatsapp and facebook status for boys

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    Hello everyone!! Today i ll showing you and giving the ever cool status and quotes about cool boys. As everyone thinks to be cool in life, so i think this is the best way to show people your coolness i.e. by putting your status on facebook and whatsapp. So below are the collection you are searching for 🙂


  • “I`ll bite you!” “No, you won`t!” *Bite* “AAGGHH! You bit me!” “I did warn you…”
  • Don`t take too much time to text her back.. It makes her feel you`re talking to someone more important than her.
  • My girlfriend says that I treat her like a child, So I gave her a sticker for standing up for her self.
  • one day you`ll realize…all the love that i gave to you…is now being given to someone else
  • Never underestimate a girl`s ability to find things out.
  • A real man is a man that can overlook every other female because all his attention is already on one.
  • Guys have no idea how long something they said can stay in a girl’s mind.
  • Dear Good Boys,
    do not worry having no girlfriend this time. Remember, bad boys will always have the best girlfriend but they will never have the best wife.
  • I Was Born Intelligent But Girlzz Ruined Me 🙂
  • “I am single, because i haven’t found someone who deserves ME”
  • I universe, 8 planets, 192 countries, 189,497 islands, 85 seas, 7 billion people & I’m still single. :p
  • A man’s biggest mistake is giving another man an opportunity to make his woman smile.
  • My Girlfriend says I need to be more affectionate…. Now I have 2 Girlfriends! :p
  • Hey Girls, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me? :p
  • A man in love is incomplete until he is married. Then he’s finished. 😛
  • Latest research: “Boys Always remain faithful to girlfriend….!!!”
    But Which Girlfriend…?
    That is still a topic of research! 😛
  • Ladies: A REAL Man Won`t Send You Mixed Signals… Cause a Real Man Knows What He Wants..
  • Dear girls, don`t flatter yourself. i sent you a friend request, NOT a wedding proposal.
  • one day you`ll realize…all the love that i gave to you…is now being given to someone else
  • Half you boys better pray your daughter never runs into a guy like you
  •  you`ll never loose women by chasing money. But you`ll loose money by chasing women.
  • Women have an amazingly mysterious ability of communication. They listen half, understand quarter but can tell double.
  • It`s funny how girls RUN from the guy who try to make them happy, and FIGHT for the ones that make them cry.
  • Girls Are Like Police. Once They Get Hold Of All The Evidences, They Still Want To Hear The Truth From You. ..
  • Words that spoiled many boys` life . . . …. . “Dude she`s looking at you”.
  • Make your girlfriend happy by telling those 3 words every girl loves to hear ” Here`s my Wallet”
  • If a girl cries, there may be thousand reasons. But if a boy cries, there is only one reason: “GIRL”
  • A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that , is the beginning of a new argument.
  • When girls get jealous, it`s normal. But, when boys get jealous, lucky the girl he love.
  • Some words of advice to men: Treat women the same way you would want your daughter to be treated.
  • 3 dreams of a man: To be as handsome as his mother thinks.To be as rich as his child believes.To have as many women as his wife suspects
  • Never underestimate a girl`s ability to find things out.
  • a man is never careful until he buys a new car and a white shirt.
  • Guys, if she worries about you, she cares. But when she stops caring, that`s when you should be worried.
  • A female can be your best friend, worst enemy, or your worst nightmare…It all depends on how you treat her!
  • Girls, being beautiful doesn’t make you nice. Being nice makes you beautiful!
  • I`m a boy. I don`t smoke, drink, or party every weekend. I don`t sleep around or start drama to get attention. Yes, we still do exist.
  • If a girl is shopping she`s trendy, if boy is shopping he`s wasting money.
  • Guys: When she`s not yours, you`ll do everything you can to get her. But when you do have her, you take everything for granted.
  • Girls are funny creatures. They hate it when you ask their age, but will kill you if you forget their birthday`s 🙂
  • When a boyfriend brings his girlfriend flowers for no reason, there`s a reason 🙂
  • Girls biggest lie: I`m OK. .
  • Worlds Shortest Joke: 2 women were sitting quietly…
  • When a girl cancels a date she cancels it because she has to…But when an boy cancels a date he cancels it because he has two.
  • When a person is really into you, he or she will always find a way to have time with you.. NO EXCUSES.
  • Best line which help you save money when going on restaurents with your girlfriend – So what`s you gonna eat Fatty ??
  • Three words a boyfriend will never heard from his girlfriend -“You Are Right”
  • Treat your girlfriend right, or someone else will.
  • When guys get jealous, it’s actually kinda cute. When girls get jealous, World War III is about to start!
  • Dear Girls, remember catching a husband is an art; to hold him is a job.
  • “Is that your ex?” “No, that`s the biggest mistake of my life.”
  • Why`s NASA never sent a woman to the Moon? Because it doesn`t need cleaning yet
  • When your single, you see all the happy couples, when your in a relationship, you see the happy single`s
  • Today I came across a book that said “All the things men know about woman”, it was blank inside.
  • Girls are like phones. they love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you`ll be disconnected!
  • I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U has eight letters, but baby, so does B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T…
  • Girls want a lot of things from one guy. Conversely, guys want one thing from a lot of girls.
  • it`s Very easy to sacrifice for a girl , but it`s difficult to find a girl deserve sacrificing
  • I`ve just moved you to the top of my ” To do list” 😉
  • Wouldn`t it be good if Ctrl+Alt+Del worked for ex girlfriend
  • A smart girl knows how to love. A smarter one knows who to love.
  • I would love to see the “pretty girls” in my school remove their make up.
  • If you choose between two girls, always pick the second one; If you really loved the first one, you would have never thought of the second one.
  • I need no reason to love you, but I need thousands of reasons to leave you.
  • when you make me smile i wanna leave everything behind and stay with you, but ill never forget that your the one who broke my heart!
  • I look at you You look at me I smile You do i look i could just die for <3

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