Goodbye quotes for him

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Goodbye quotes for him

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It’s time to say goodbye, hope you take risks and learn to trust, learn to love, follow your heart not your head.

I don’t LIKE watching you leave but I don’t want to stop you from doing what you LIKE. Goodbye.(Goodbye quotes for him)

The hardest part of saying goodbye to my boyfriend is to say it even when I don’t want him to leave.

How can I say that I will miss you when I am not ready to accept the fact that you are leaving? Goodbye.

Your absence will pierce my heart like a dagger. But don’t worry, it will still keep beating for you. Goodbye.(Goodbye quotes for him)

You are not walking out of my life but if you are going to be staying away, I don’t know what my life is. Goodbye.

How I wish you could visit me often in my dreams till I can finally get over. It was so hard for me, I have always been looking forward to see you one day and you said that you will wait for me…I am not prepared to let you go so soon, but I have to.

You are my favorite and the best friend I’ve ever taken care of though you get stubborn sometimes that you think you are better than me because you have your own theory and explanation. It was a pleasure being your beloved one.(Goodbye quotes for him)

I will keep your love in my heart forever and use it as weapon and strength in my journey. I am so sorry if I may have hurt you, I didn’t mean it. We may argue a lot but that’s because we have different opinions and we try to protect each other. Goodbye!(Goodbye quotes for him)


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