Happy Birthday Grandma

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Happy Birthday Grandma:

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

  1. Your beautiful face, active lifestyle and good health can put young women to shame. Happy birthday grandma.
  2. You should be called “Professor Nana.” You taught me cooking and sewing, but mostly you taught me the true meaning of love. Happy Birthday.
  3. When some people think “Grandma” they think of little grey haired ladies in rocking chairs, but I think of wonderful, dynamic, loving YOU! Happy Birthday.
  4. You are the only person in the world who has the power to simplify every complication in my life with a simple loving hug. Happy birthday grandma.
  5. For all the secrets you kept, the wisdom you offered, the nurturing you gave, and especially the unconditional love, thank you Grandma and Happy Birthday.
  6. We don’t see each other as often as I’d like but, on your birthday, I want you to know how blessed I feel that God has graced me with you. I love you.
  7. Of all the insecurities I may have, I see your face sometimes when I look in the mirror and it makes me smile. We’re beautiful! Happy Birthday.
  8. Your face appears in the dictionary under “Perfect Grandma.” Definition: beauty, compassion, gentle power and love. Happy Birthday.
  9. We don’t see eachother as often as I’d like but, on your birthday, I want you to know how blessed I feel that God has graced me with you. I love you.
  10. You are the only person in the world who has the power to simplify every complication in my life with a simple loving hug. Happy birthday grandma.
  11. There is a reason why a grandmother’s recipe can never be recreated. Ingredients can be bought from a supermarket but the love that she puts into it is irreplaceable. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes:

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

  1. Grandma… pro at knitting, pro at baking. Pro at gardening, pro at shopping. Pro at pampering, pro at advising. Pro at loving, pro at caring. Happy birthday.
  2. It took me a long time to accept that I was born in an ordinary family… because my grandma always treated me like a princess and made me feel like royalty. Happy birthday.
  3. Books and teachers taught me… what my grandma was saying all along. Happy birthday.
  4. I am the richest person in the world because I have a granny like you – whose cuteness is precious and wisdom is priceless. Happy birthday.
  5. Grandma you are more than just awesome because your life is the epitome, of what true happiness is and how life should really be. Happy birthday.
  6. If you are my mom’s mother, why isn’t she as graceful as you? Maybe all your beautiful qualities were meant to be passed on directly to me. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandma Poems:

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

1.A woman so graceful

So fine and beautiful

A woman with a penchant

For everything elegant

A woman with poise

And refined choice

My dear grandmother

Like you, there is no other

Happy birthday!!

2.Grandma, you are so special
And you make ME feel special too!
These are some of the reasons why
I wish a Happy Birthday to you!

3.Kids who don’t have grandmas

Would never come to know

How life without one

Can be so dull and low

Kids who haven’t seen

A grandma’s love and care

Of life’s sweetest emotions

Would never be aware

But God has give me

No such chance to complain

Thanks Heavens, I have you

Else I would have gone insane

Happy birthday

4.I love you Nanny/Grandma such a lot
You mean the world to me
You’re patient, kind and full of fun
And thoughtful as can be
You help me out and give advice
You’re there when times are bad
You buy me treats and things I need
And hug me when I’m sad.
But best of all, we’re special pals
And as today’s for you
It seems the perfect time to say
‘You’re Wonderful’…it’s true!!

5.Soft and tender

Is her heart

Yet she is crackling wise

And uber smart

Sweet and affectionate

Are her ways

To listen to her advice

It always pays

Happy birthday grandma!!

6.Grandmas give you lots of chocs
And let you stay up late,
Then they give you lots of pop
And sweeties by the crate.
They tell you brilliant stories of when
Mom(Mum) & Dad were small
You then find out the real truth,
They weren’t so good at all
They’re Santa Claus all year round
They never ever bug you.
With massive hearts and open arms
Just waiting there to hug you

Have a lovely birthday Grandma!!

Happy Birthday Grandma In Heaven Quotes:

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

  1. Today is your birthday in heaven above. I am sending my blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today, but every day hereof, I think of you always, my love!
  2. May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live with peace and serenity. Happy Birthday.
  3. Every year, I think of you while shedding so many tears. It just feels like yesterday even though it has been so many years. I know you are in a better place right now. May you have a blast there… Happy Birthday!
  4. There are two bright stars in the sky today, one is the Star of God and one is you! I hope you keep shining bright for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!
  5. I often recall those times that we use to play while we are small. You are not just my sister but my best friend. Every year, your birthday comes to pass and I think of you fondly as I sit and pray on the grass, happy birthday my dear sister!
  6. Today you should see your own reflection in the mirror and assure yourself that you’ve got to empty your pockets and throw a big party today. Happy Birthday!
  7. As my mother, you have taught me so many things in life – from reading, singing, writing and dancing. You even taught me how to sit up and drink directly from a cup! I am so thankful for all the great memories we have shared. It’s your birthday today and I just want you to know that everyone in the family is smiling. I love you my dear mother, happy birthday!
  8. Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.
  9. May the angels sing to you in the most joyous way. Happy birthday in heaven, my lovely sweetheart!
  10. Have you been moonlighting in my life as my pillar of strength and support while you’re actually an angel sent from the heavens? You’re too good to be true! I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  11. Your birthday is here, but it’s sad to know that you are no longer here. I want to send you a gift, but I know I can’t, so I will just make a wish upon a star that you carry my love wherever you are now.
  12. The sun rose today with a very special charm, the clouds cleared today with a very special intent and the trees are all swaying in unison – just to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  13. “You are still a part of my live, even if only in spirit. It’s not easy to not have you here. Every night I will utter a prayer dedicated for you, in hopes to speak to you. Indeed, true friends are just so hard to find and I am saddened to not be able to see you on this birthday of yours.Happy birthday to you… I will always treasure those happy memories we have shared.
  14. Can you hear the skies whispering Happy Birthday in your ears? I can! Wishing you a super fun Birthday.
  15. It’s sad that you were taken from us too soon. I still wish you a very happy birthday even if I feel like I am talking to the moon.
  16. It doesn’t matter how far you go in life or how much material success you achieve. What is really important is how many people’s lives you touch. May God give you the chance to touch a million lives. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes Poems:

  1. If I seem happy, strong, kind, successful, spiritual or loving, it’s all due to your example, Grandma. Happy Birthday with love and gratitude.
  2. Between us, even though there is a multi-generation gap… still I look forward to hearing stories while laying in your lap. Happy birthday.
  3. There should be a cartoon character made after you and she should be called SuperGran. Happy birthday to the superwoman of our family.
  4. Grandma… the only person in the family who pampers me despite my tantrums and loves me even when I’ve been naught. Happy birthday.
  5. Just like how a company’s success is credited to its founder, we credit our family’s happiness to the co-founder of our family – YOU. Happy birthday grandma.
  6. Some people say Granny, Nana, Meema and lots of other things, but I will always call you FRIEND. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandma In Spanish:

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

Feliz cumpleaños abuela

Happy Birthday Grandma Letter:

Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma

  1. Grandma… you have given me precious childhood memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I promise to help you cherish old age so that it becomes the best period of your life. Happy birthday.
  2. Yo, Home Slice! With your jiggy style, rockin’ ‘tude and chill vibe, I’m shooting you wishes for a righteously solid day. (Translation: Happy Birthday Grandma!)
  3. I hope your birthday is lucky… as lucky as I am to have you as my own awesome Grandma. I love you!
  4.  You are exactly like the cookies you bake for us – lovely, delightful, warm and fabulous. Happy birthday grandma.
  5. A grandma’s wisdom is why naughty kids become tolerable to their mothers. A grandma’s love is why a mother’s scolding and yelling becomes tolerable to her kids. Happy birthday grandma.