Just Do It Quotes

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Just Do It Quotes

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Just do it quotes

Just do it quotes

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Just Do It Quotes:

“What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

“Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.”

“Every noble work is at first impossible.”

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

“The impossible often has a kind of integrity which the merely improbable lacks.”

I love that you continue to challenge people to do what they have believed to be impossible. Keep it up!