Please forgive me quotes

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Please forgive me quotes

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Sometimes, you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life….

How can I begin to say I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you….

Baby, I’m sorry. please forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done. Please come back home girl. I know you can no longer trust in me, I’m sorry to let you down.

Dear you please forgive me for my jealousy I mean no harm it just hurts that you put her before me I am sorry for caring so much.

Don’t deny me, this pain I’m going through please forgive me, if I need you like I do. Please believe me. Oh believe it, every word I say is true. please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you.

Please, forgive me but we must separate. Maybe now you wont understand but time will pass, your soul will calm down and I’m sure you will forgive me and understand me. Do not blame me for this. I never meant to hurt you. I’m sorry.

God give me strength to fight this fight…please forgive me for my sins and wash me clean from the enemy’s lie. In Jesus name amen.

If my mom saw me now I know it would break her heart, mom I’m so sorry for disappointing you…please forgive me.

Please forgive me for laughing when you fall. I’m so sorry but I never cared at all.

If there are occasions when my grape turned into a raisin and my joy bell lost its resonance, please forgive me. Charge it to my head and not to my heart.

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