You hurt me quotes

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You hurt me quotes

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I Used To Miss You So Much, But It Never Seemed Like You Missed Me. I Guess Because Of That, I Stopped Missing You.

Sometimes You Just Need To Distance Yourself From People. If They Care, They’ll Notice. If They Don’t, You Know Where You Stand.

You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care.

Sometimes Good People Need To Leave Your Life To Make Room For Better People To Come In.

It’s Funny How You Think You Actually Mean Something To Someone, & They Just Turn Around & Prove You Wrong.

It’s Ironic How Sometimes, The Harder You Want To Avoid Something, The Quicker It Will Get To You.

When A Person Cannot Answer Directly To Your Question Probably The Answer Is Too Painful For You To Know Or Too Hard For Them To Admit…:'(
No One In D World Has D Ability 2stop Their Tears When Their Loved Ones Say 2 Them “Dont Leave Me , I Need You” Or “Leave Me I Dint Need You
Some Dreams Weren’t Meant To Come True….I Learned That From You.
It’s Really Painful To Say Goodbye To Someone That You Don’t Want To Let Go But Its Even More Painful To Ask Someone To Stay If They Never Wanted To Stay.

Unfortunately, We Believe The Liars, Trust The Backstabbers, And Like The Heartbreakers We Are All Just Stories In The End.

Drifting Apart From People You Once Used To Be So Close With Sucks.

It Sucks When You Miss Someone Who Does Not Miss You Back.

There’s Always Going To Be That One Person You Always Want To Be With Even After You Find Out They Don’t Want To Be With You.

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